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Marlon/Marley Minstrel, aka self anointed Smooth Dog, is a young 1950's farm boy who would like to believe - in the idiom of that time and place - that he is a "smooth dog", particularly with the ladies. Unfortunately, for both him and the ladies, he has a helluva time separating the "good" girls from the "bad"; of course, after "whoring around in the Navy", he's now only looking for the good ones: "true love".

We follow him from age 21 to 29: from discharge to hometown girls; Univ. of Wisconsin Law School to Baptist minister's daughter; fledgling Hollywood actor to unique affair with married movie star; back home on the farm to a teenage Country Western singer; all the while looking for himself and that good girl to share his wayward life and whoever he is by whatever name and occupation - or lack thereof.

According to the Random House Dictionary of the English Language, a minstrel is "One who travels about from place to place putting on shows, usually of a comic nature". Our Minstrel also has his dark days, a lingering combat zone trauma, but first and foremost SMOOTH DOG is a picaresque fun-filled film wherein most boys and girls of whatever age will recognize parts of themselves, whatever the era.